International Women's Day

As part of NewsWhip’s International Women’s Day celebrations, I researched and explored the careers of 10 inspirational female journalists, and created a series of posters to represent their extraordinary lives.

Creative Direction: NewsWhip

RachelCarson_IWD 2020-Posters5
Ida B Wells - International Women's Day
RachelCarson_IWD 2020-Posters4
RachelCarson_IWD 2020-Posters3
RachelCarson_IWD 2020-Posters
RachelCarson_IWD 2020-Posters8
RachelCarson_IWD 2020-Posters9
MarieCorvin_IWD 2020-Posters
RachelCarson_IWD 2020-Posters7
RachelCarson_IWD 2020-Posters10